Quickly build trust through open source contracts, the process is completely transparent, and the information is completely symmetrical.
Provide developers with a one-stop solution for efficient and friendly blockchain value-added games across the chain.
It can be done that the data cannot be tampered and the rules will never change.
It can be done that the data cannot be tampered and the rules will never change.
The blockchain itself has strong trading and community attributes.
SGBC Advantage

Higher trust


Asset belongs to the player individual

Has strong community attributes
SGBC solution
1. Integrated development layer: SGBC suite, a mature and friendly development environment. Provides a complete set of SDKs, including SGBC tokens, random number generation, user-encrypted images, decentralized databases and other integrated APIs. Build complete development documentation, tutorials and communities, and provide a number of development aids including IDE plug-ins, multi-language Adapters, and more.
Based on the experience and judgment of commercialization in the field of big data in the past ten years, the Star Chain team has developed a set of vertical technical solutions, trying to solve the three core problems of developers in one stop, and cut into a horizontal expansion to make it whole. The solution has a strong expansion while being more practical.
2. User scene layer
SGBC arena, decentralized application. Adhering to a mobile-first social gaming battle platform that integrates multiple social scenarios. Based on the Token economy and encrypted image for the player's real social empowerment, detonating a new generation of blockchain social game trends.
3. Commercial ecological layer
SGBC connect, a business opportunity from a partner. From the world, across multiple online and offline commercial resources, from customers and partners in the interstellar chain. Developers will be provided with multiple monetization opportunities from live video, star brokers, derivatives trading, art valuations and more.
Smart assets
General Information:SGBC
Initial circulation
Total limit
Ecological fund
Token format
Market dissemination
Mining output
Team holding money
Community incentives
SGBC pass parameters
10 million
300 million SGBC
30 million



Creation building

In traditional desktop online games, vendors continue to motivate new players to cause inflation, and the actual value of all assets in a game account is often much lower than the player's input. After the appearance of the mobile game, the mode of the item binding account and the account binding ID card quickly became popular. This also makes it necessary to give up all the virtual assets in the game once the player decides to leave a game. The emergence and maturity of the interstellar chain (SGBC) based on blockchain technology will make decentralization of game rules and decentralized storage of virtual assets feasible from a technical perspective. And the convenience of virtual asset chaining makes the blockchain easier to fall in the game scene.

SGBC Core team

On the team side, the SGBC team has successfully implemented several blockchain-based project developments, and the team has years of experience in Internet product development. Talent conditions are also the basis for success. As of the time of writing, the SGBC team has 26 people, of which 60% are technical developers (team members have rich development experience in languages such as C++, NodeJS, Java, IOS, Android, Python, etc.). Both blockchain and application development have extensive experience.
Chief Operating Officer of the XJL Foundation, Master of Computer Science at Dalhousie University in Venezuela, and currently Vice President of Sales for Large E-Commerce in the United States, Cyrus brings a new business strategy to the company: bypassing the publisher's intermediate channels and directly contacting retailers to sell games. Since then, it has become a company that combines game production and game distribution business, and has also brought more growth to the company's already good market share.
Cyrus is one of the developers of the SGBC core.



One of the core founders of the R3 Blockchain Technology Alliance, a game mathematician with more than 6 years of experience, owns M.TeaCe (CS) from the Indian Institute of Statistics in Kolkata. He has strong abilities in mathematics (probability theory, combination theory, graph theory), advanced algorithms, data structures, and C/C++. The current CFO.
Ph.D. in Computer Science from Stanford University, Ph.D. in Finance, in the core technology of financial technology - "blockchain", can create a world record of clearing every 15 seconds, surpassing the international general 2 minute clearing routine, once in the US Silicon Valley Technology He has been working in the financial investment field for many years, and he has been involved in the development of the blockchain investment market and has played a vital role in it. He is currently a CTO.

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